Electronic Unicycle APPs

Now you can download the latest APPs for your Android or iOS device.

We highly recommend all iPhone riders to download the DarknessBot app by Darkness Production. Click here to download the APP.


It supports the following models:

Ninebot (One C/C+/E/E+/P/A1/S2/Z6/Z8/ZIO, Segway C/E/P/R/T, Mini, Mini Pro, Mini Plus, KickScooter)

Inmotion (V3, V3C, V3S, V3Pro, V5, V5+, V5F, V8, VIO, VIOF, RI, R2, L6, L8)

Gotway (MTen2, MCM4, ACM, MSuper V3/X, Monster, Tesla)

Kingsong (14, 16, 18)

Rockwheel (GT14, GT16)

Xiaomi (M365)


•Modify tiled interface that you can customize •Displaying all available metrics through Bluetooth LE:

- Current speed Maximum speed

- Avarage speed

- Total mileage

- Remaining mileage (depending of rider's weight, the battery charging cycles, and weather conditions)

- Total runtime Battery level

- Temperature of the controller (not for all models)

- Power

- Voltage

- Pitch and roll (*)

•Changing parameters of the device:

- Maximum speed

- Riding mode (*)

- Lock mode (*)

- Limited speed mode (*)

- Volume level (*)

- Gyro level (*)

- Transportation mode (*)

- LED mode (*)

- Horn (*)

- Alarms (*)


- View riders location on the World

- Follow for location your friends in real-time

- Route auto refreshing directions to friend

- Deep to AR mode to view your friends and direction

- Use map filters

- Record your trips


- Create and share your profile in DarknessBot

- Search and add your friends Connect your WhatsApp and Telegram account for chat with friends

- Invite to a ride your friends

•World ratings by mileage

•Logging and displaying graphs of metrics (up to a month)

•Record video from a camera with a sensor display

•Compass and weather forecast

•Apple Watch support

•Apple Health Integration (Getting weight info for calculating remaining mileage)

•Neural Network Integration (For more smooth remaining mileage prediction)

•App Themes

•Myo Armband intergration

(*) - Not for all models